1 Edward ABeckett
2 Don Bradman
3 Alan Fairfax
4 Clarrie Grimmet
5 Percy Hornibrook
6 Alec Hurwood
7 Archie Jackson
8 Alan Kippax
9 Stan McCabe
10 Bert Oldfield
11 Bill Ponsford
12 Vic Richardson
13 CW Walker
14 Tim Wall
15 Bill Woodfull

Sporting Collectibles Australian 1930 Cricketers (15) (Checklist)

This is a combination Checklist/Wishlist. If you are looking for a Checklist for use on another website, feel free to borrow mine. Would appreciate if you could acknowledge its use by linking to my site. If you are using this for yourself, a simple thank you will suffice!

What the Colours Mean

Purple = Would like a Signed Version (0)
Red = Missing (0)
Orange = Pending (0)
Green = Have (0)
Black = Do Not Need (15)

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