jaad01 Jimmy Adams
cuam01 Curtly Ambrose
kear01 Keith Arthurton
cobr01 Courtney Browne
shca01 Sherwin Campbell
shch01 Shivnarine Chanderpaul
peco01 Pedro Collins
coco01 Corey Collymore
medi01 Mervyn Dillon
lagi01 Lance Gibbs
roho01 Roland Holder
miho01 Michael Holding
rija01 Ridley Jacobs
nepe01 Nehemiah Perry
phsi01 Philip Simmons
cowa01 Courtney Walsh

Caribbean Sports Cards & Collectibles 1999 (Checklist)

This is a combination Checklist/Wishlist. If you are looking for a Checklist for use on another website, feel free to borrow mine. Would appreciate if you could acknowledge its use by linking to my site. If you are using this for yourself, a simple thank you will suffice!

What the Colours Mean

Purple = Would like a Signed Version (4)
Red = Missing (0)
Orange = Pending (0)
Green = Have (12)
Black = Do Not Need (0)

Click on Player Name to see an image of the card