A1 Ken Barrington
A2 Geoff Boycott
A3 Denis Compton
A4 WG Grace
B1 Wally Hammond
B2 Sir Jack Hobbs
B3 Sir Len Hutton
B4 Peter May
C1 KS Ranjitsinjhi
C2 Sir Don Bradman
C3 Greg Chappell
C4 Ian Chappell
D1 Martin Donnelly
D2 Neil Harvey
D3 Doug Walters
D4 Arthur Morris
E1 Victor Trumper
E2 George Headley
E3 Rohan Kanhai
E4 Clive Lloyd
F1 Viv Richards
F2 Sir Gary Sobers
F3 Clyde Walcott
F4 Everton Weekes
G1 Sir Frank Worrell
G2 Sunil Gavaskar
G3 Asif Iqbal
G4 Hanif Mohammad
H1 Nawab of Pataudi
H2 Graham Pollock
H3 Barry Richards
H4 Mike Brearley

ACE 1980s Sporting Aces (Checklist)

This is a combination Checklist/Wishlist. If you are looking for a Checklist for use on another website, feel free to borrow mine. Would appreciate if you could acknowledge its use by linking to my site. If you are using this for yourself, a simple thank you will suffice!

What the Colours Mean

Purple = Would like a Signed Version (10)
Red = Missing (0)
Orange = Pending (0)
Green = Have (8)
Black = Do Not Need (14)

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