This site is dedicated to the memory of my dear friend, Dorothy Crew (1936-2009). All throughout this site you will see items contributed by Dorothy. She was a kind, warm, generous soul and the world is a much poorer place without her. Rest in Peace DC.

This all began in the early 1990's when I got introduced to some people from a Coin & Stamp Club. I soon fell into collecting stamps on cricket, a hobby which eventually evolved into what you see here today. The earliest version of my website made it's first appearance in 1998. Quite a few iterations later, I now have my own domain name and a lovely little database engine under the hood.

A large proportion of items on this site have either been obtained through correspondence with players, or via donations made by some incredibly generous people. I have acknowledged their contributions and hold them in esteem in my Hall Of Fame section.

As you probably come to realize if you have viewed this page for more than a few second, I love cricket. It is a wonderful game with gallons of history, chock full of twists turns and surprises. The cards and stamps on display here can hopefully give you a glimpse into its history and what it meant to people.

While my love of cricket is for everyone, I do have a favourite team and competition however my favourite team is the Australian national team, and nothing beats the Ashes for history and drama. Not normally being one to gamble, the Ashes was one of the few reasons that I would visit betting sites, that was until the Pakistan betting scandal of 2011. I do still love the Ashes though.

Just a little bit about myself. My family and I live in Australia. I have spent some time in Africa, Pakistan and the USA. Apart from my obvious passion for cricket, I quite enjoy following the NBA (Houston Rockets). I'm also an avid tropical fish keeper, in particular cichlids. To round off my nerdy image, I support my hobbies by working in Information Technology.

Well, that's all from me. Hope you enjoy your stay.



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